So, the biggest story out there in the music and TV world right now would have to be the death of the original New Directions frontman Mr. Cory Monteith, aka Finn Hudson. The question brewing through all of our fabulous social media venues of course is ‘why the heck does it matter?’ We have  the Trayvon/Zimmerman case, plane crashes, soldiers dying, etc., so why should we care one bit that yet another star has gone down that same old usual route?

Well, because it does matter that’s why. People all over the web are screaming about how unimportant this guy is to the world, but the bigger picture is being missed. When it all comes down to it, the purpose of music, movies, theatre performances, TV shows, and literature–yes, seriously, literature–is to relate to the audience. We are what matters; the ones watching, listening, reading, and  ultimately investing our lives in what these artists have to say. Of course they’re getting paid to distribute their art to us, but that connection is what keeps it all going. No connection, no audience, no money in the end.

Cory Monteith, surely with the help of amazing writers, was able to connect to all of the Gleeks out there (and here) whether people want to realize it or not. Finn Hudson was a real guy, completely down to earth and pretty darn goofy. It was easy to laugh at him when he discovered and believed his ‘grilled cheesus’ would make everything okay; it was uplifting to see him stick up for his gay future step brother when Kurt was being chunked into the dumpster by all of Finn’s former jock friends; it was heart wrenching to see Rachel snub their romance when she only saw the ways he could damage her future on Broadway; but most of all it was empowering to see him gain the confidence and independence that it took to find that focus that he searched for as a character.  He was finally free of depending on Rachel, Puck, Kurt, Sam, Schuester, the list goes on. He was finally finding his way on his own with nothing to stop him from his passion. That is the saddest part. Forget about Finnchel, we lost Finn. Finn Hudson who gave that sly, little smirk and melted all of our hearts. No more smiles and sweet celestial gestures, for Finn is no more.

So yeah, everything that I’ve said was brought to us by Finn, a character, and the majority of us never even knew the real guy. We never truly knew Cory, the actor. I’m sure there are some major Gleeks out there who did, but either way none of this would have ever been possible without him. It is only right for us to stop what we’re doing to acknowledge what he did for so many of us, even if you aren’t a part of that ‘us.’ Take a moment to look at all of those artists out there who are still doing what Cory was able to do and realize what his fans are feeling regardless of how he died. A death is a death and brings so much possibility to a complete end.

Tonight, as we sit back and either shed those tears  or mock those around us for not acknowledging the fact that bigger things are happening in world, remember that there is no one person that fits the Gleek stereotype. Here I leave you with a video by the Field Artillery Gleeks as they give us their rendition of Say a Little Prayer, reminding us that all of the artists out there are getting the job done in finding a way to relate to as many of us as possible, even a group of highly respected American soldiers.